Empowering Radically Aligned Leaders

What is a radically aligned leader?

A radically aligned leader holds integrity between their beliefs and actions, understands the responsibility of leadership, and emphasizes healthy relationships over competition.

We help leaders and organizations achieve radical alignment through foundational learning, transformational coaching, culture assessments and strategy.

Leading people is both a responsibility and gift. It requires a deep commitment to personal growth and evolution. It is learning how to embrace discomfort as part of the growth process and learning to listen to our body. In this way, our work with leaders and organizations is restorative soul care that leads to greater peace, increased energy around your most important priorities and thriving, resilient cultures at work.

Soul Care for Individuals

Our unique soul care approach to your personal growth and expansion is a beautiful mix of executive coaching, spiritual support through the Akashic Records, astrology and energy work. Our work together is proven to increase confidence, self-efficacy, productivity and overall well-being. 

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Soul Care for Organizations

We support non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurs in defining and re-igniting their organization's soul blueprint and help them to find alignment between their purpose, people and culture. This includes strategic planning, culture assessments, team coaching and facilitated retreats. 

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Foundations of Resonant Leadership TM 

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership TM course and community is the space for you to transform your leadership from chaos to peace through guided self-inquiry and healing, a host of self-care and leadership tools to re-engage in meaningful work, and a supportive community ready to hold you with compassion, understanding, and inspiration. 

You deserve to re-invigorate the work you are meant to do. You are not meant to lead alone. 

"Huge personal insights and growth already! I'm starting to see a vision of what I want for myself in the future AND that it is possible. I've started to value and trust my own instincts more and start to notice that my body feels different in growth spaces vs stuck places."

- Foundations of Resonant Leadership Participant

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Habits of a Resonant Leader

Gain clarity around small action steps that will help you restore your energy, create abundance and rekindle your connection to your purpose. 


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During these 30 minutes we'll explore where you're feeling misaligned and develop an action plan for making progress towards your vision of a radically aligned future and identify small practices for greater ease and peace. 

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5 Organizational Practices for a Culture of Thrive

Create a culture of thrive in your organization with these 5 practices.


"Once our heart is engaged, it is easy to be brave."

Margaret Wheatley

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