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Our mission is to amplify the resilience of communities by empowering radically aligned leaders. 

Are you ready for a new routine that honors your wellbeing AND supports your work in the world?

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With over 10 years of experience as a strategic advisor, organizational consultant, trainer, facilitator and leadership coach in the non-profit sector, I have found that it is simply impossible to separate ourselves from our work. I truly believe this is a good thing when we have the tools to bring our whole selves to work and center our personal well being in the process.

Your work should be an expression of your heart’s desire (aka purpose) making its way creatively in to the world. It should feel important and big.

But sometimes we let societal programming take over and we start to pour more in to our work than we do in to ourselves. Or worst, we begin to perpetuate the oppressive systems we’re working hard to dismantle. Pretty soon we’re running so fast that we’ve lost sight of our destination, our actions feel empty, we’re easily moved to anger (or sarcasm) and we arrive home to our families only to crash from exhaustion.

Sound familiar? I’ve totally been there, and I can help you break free from this loop.


Kori Stephens, MPH
Founder, Lead Strategist & Coach

Individual Intensives

Executive Coaching + Strategy Sessions

All change requires a personal level of responsibility, curiosity and willingness to see opportunities for growth and expansion. I absolutely love working with individuals. When we partner together, I am ALL in and am 100% committed to supporting deep, meaningful and sustainable change. That is why these are called one-on-one intensives.

I only offer a limited number of these transformational experiences every year and they fill up fast.

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Cultivating Organizations

Alignment is the New Hustle

The number one challenge expressed by my clients is that they have too much to do and not enough time. Let’s be real, this toxic cycle of trying to keep up but always falling behind is exhausting and feels like it will never end. Truth is, it won’t until you decide step in to the power of choice and do things radically different.

I help organizations, teams and individuals replace frantic cultures and habits of over-doing and burnout with a clear purpose and strategy for aligned action grounded in the ability to stay present.

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Empowering Radical Leaders

Leadership is Sacred Work.

Leading people is both a responsibility and gift. It requires a deep commitment to personal growth and evolution. Resonant leadership means connecting with people at a heart level, meeting them where they are at, giving just enough guidance to support their growth and then getting out of the way so that they can thrive.

The Resonant Leader Lab provides monthly guided experiences for deepening your self awareness while simultaneously building your skills and tools for effective leadership and change management. And the best part, you’ll get connected to a community of leaders just like you to support you along the way.

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"Once our heart is engaged, it is easy to be brave."

Margaret Wheatley

I am here to support you. 

Did you know we give 5% of our monthly earnings to heart centered womxn owned small businesses and nonprofits with radical missions to change this world? program for more info.

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