Caitlin Bentley
Director of Statewide Programming, Ohio Network of CACs

“ The coaching relationship I’ve built with Kori has been nothing short of transformative. When she and I first began working together, I felt as though I was stuck in an immoveable place and was ready to give up. By giving me tangible, practical guidance and encouraging feedback I was able to navigate an extremely difficult period in my professional life. I now feel more equipped to thrive and am hopeful for the future. Kori knows how to help you find your inner strengths, and how to harness your ability to make changes in your life. “

Megan McCarthy
Executive Director, Manistee County CAC

“ My coaching sessions with Kori were a game-changer for me professionally. As the new director of a nonprofit children’s advocacy center, I started my sessions with Kori at a time of immense challenge for our organization.

With Kori’s guidance, I was able to confidently lead our team, to communicate our needs to grantors, to communicate our mission to the community, and to successfully pivot during this critical time. She helped me to look at our challenges as opportunities, and to prioritize tasks based on meeting existing and emerging needs.

Working with Kori has had a positive impact on me and on our organization. She is a treasure, and I will forever be grateful for having her as an Executive Coach!”

Jeff Stafford
Senior Learning and Development Specialist, Be the Match

“I've engaged with Kori over the last several years and have seen first-hand the compassion and care she has for her work while leading herself and others. Her ability to think strategically and holistically engages a team to be aligned and forward-thinking while creating actions (and intentions) to be of service to each other and their community. Kori brings the kind of energy, commitment, and passion for growing organizational capacity while fine-tuning the development of her individual team members. I know Kori as someone who walks the walk of what is needed for the leadership of today by effectively navigating the uncertainty inherent in this type of work. It's in her transparency and deep desire to engage others that excellent results are achieved.”

Tamra Jurgemeyer
Executive Director, Iowa Children's Advocacy Centers

“My leadership coaching with Kori invited me to self-reflect and examine my attitudes and helped me develop strategic team relationships. Kori leads from a place or curiosity and authenticity and having her as a sounding board helped me move to a place of clarity when addressing competing priorities. I got so much out of her coaching both professionally and personally.”

Vidya Venkataraman
PhD Student at UT Health

“ The word “empowering” does not quite due Kori justice, but it is the best adjective I have to describe her. For 5 months of the 2 years I have worked with Kori, she was my coach and helped me process and prepare for some of my most meaningful decisions to date. She has an explorative, inquisitive mind that allows her to be caring, thoughtful, and optimistic. Conversation never bridges on stale with Kori and she consistently finds ways to challenge (and support) personal-professional development. To put it one way, coaching with Kori is a little like eating a bag of Doritos with every conversation a new chip, each better than the last. When they are gone, you can hardly remember how time passed so quickly and are sad that there are no more chips left to enjoy. I am privileged to have called her a coach and grateful to call her a friend. If you are able to call her the same, you have done something right.”

Nick Bratvold
Stewardship Officer, Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation

“Kori is a delight to work with. I have known her in various capacities through a number of different projects she’s undertaken. Through her work as a coach, she is inspiring, engaging, and can help the participant craft meaningful results. In other areas, Kori accepts challenges and effortlessly achieves successful outcomes. Kori’s passion to her vocation is admirable!”

Ivy Svoboda
Executive Director, Nebraska Alliance of Children's Advocacy Centers

“Kori is a consummate professional. She is dedicated to excellence and thorough in her approach to planning and execution. She is curious, reflective and seeks to live out her values and those of the company's mission to the fullest. Kori excels in strategic thinking and considering multiple perspectives to foster an inclusive environment, be it for a training or her close colleagues. I have not only enjoyed but also learned from Kori in our collaborative projects.”

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