Accelerate Your Growth

All change requires a personal level of responsibility, curiosity and willingness to see opportunities for growth and expansion. I absolutely love working with individuals and helping them weave together spirit and strategy, masculine and feminine, to bring greater peace and alignment into their being.

This includes breaking through and healing barriers that were keeping them from their true potential and witnessing their evolution. I have helped many clients find the confidence, strength and skills to design their own lives, instead of having it designed for them, and to center their well-being in the process. When we partner together, I am ALL in and am 100% committed to supporting deep, meaningful and sustainable change. 

Our work together is proven to increase confidence, self-efficacy, productivity and overall well-being. I have witnessed these transformations first hand from every single client I have worked with.

Whether you are seeking support and guidance as you cross a new threshold in your life, or you feel stuck and don’t know how to break through to what is next, or you are seeking to discover your deeper purpose here on earth, I am here for it and for you.

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"My sessions with Kori were a game-changer for me professionally. With Kori’s guidance, I was able to confidently lead our team, to communicate our needs to grantors, to communicate our mission to the community, and to successfully pivot during this critical time. 

I provide the highest praise for Kori Stephens as a coach and as a professional. Working with Kori has had a positive impact on me and on our organization. She is a treasure, and I will forever be grateful for having her as an Executive Coach!”

- Megan McCarthy, Executive Director, Manistee County CAC

Looking for something that is more spiritually guided?

I invite you to explore our Soul Care Support offerings that are a beautiful mix of coaching, spiritual support through the Akashic Records, astrology and energy work.

"My Akashic Records session with Kori was pure gold. She was able to quickly set the space and tap into my Guides' wisdom for me, all over the phone. In our brief time together she shared so many insightful nuggets and offered thoughtful suggestions that felt very aligned.

Much of what she shared gave me goosebumps, because it was so resonant with many of the messages I've been hearing from other spiritual sources lately (including my own intuition). I spent much of the session with tears in my eyes, hand on my heart, nodding emphatically.

It will be well worth your time and resources to allow Kori to open your records and share the wisdom within them. Treat yourself to a session with Kori!"

- Katrina Dombrowsky | Co-Founder, Wise Womxn Wellness