Transform your leadership from chaos to peace.

Foundations of Resonant Leadership 

A restorative, passion-igniting course and sacred community for leaders who desire to heal from burnout, cultivate peace, and revive their purpose for making a difference in the world.

Are you looking to re-ignite your passion, drive and ambition for your work in the world? 

Do you feel burnt out but know that you have more to give? 

Can you feel the weight of chaotic work environments, high service demands, and self-doubt weighing heavy on your shoulders?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you dear friend, are one of the many passionate leaders who have been driven to burn out through the sacrifice of your wellbeing in service of your work. Unfortunately this has become a common occurrence among many leaders we serve, but it does not need to become the norm. 

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight, which is why a deep personal reset is essential in curing exhaustion and restoring energy and wholeness. At Resonance Rising, we are redefining leadership as sacred work and sacred work starts with deep self knowing and soul care.

What if you could revive your purpose and passion with greater self-awareness, consistent self-care, and a fully developed sense of self-trust?  And what if you could do it all without sacrificing your inner peace?

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership course and community is the space for you to transform your leadership from chaos to peace through guided self-inquiry and healing, a host of self-care and leadership tools to re-engage in meaningful work, and a supportive community ready to hold you with compassion, understanding, and inspiration. 

You deserve to re-invigorate the work you are meant to do. You are not meant to lead alone. 

Keep exploring to find out how the Foundations of Resonant Leadership course can help you achieve your leadership aspirations.
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Meet Your Course Guides and Facilitators...

Kori Stephens, Founder + Coach

I believe leadership is sacred work. Leading people is both a responsibility and gift. It requires a deep commitment to personal growth and evolution. Resonant leadership means connecting with people at a heart level, meeting them where they are at, giving just enough guidance to support their growth, and then getting out of the way so that they can thrive. 

I founded Resonance Rising with the purpose of changing the way we talk about leadership by infusing it with a sense of sacred responsibility and deep inner knowing. I see many leaders who appear to be walking around as empty vessels - completely drained of purpose, passion, and connection to the community. Resonance Rising serves as a sanctuary for recovering from burnout, dropping into deep restorative soul care, and re-igniting joy and passion in community change agents all across the world.

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership course is where soul and strategy connect to blend with individual gifts and community strengths. My heart is in this with you.

I can’t wait to welcome you into our community through The Foundations of Resonant Leadership Course.

Jennifer Mantle, Community Facilitator + Coach

I believe that our lives and our world change by embracing small movements toward the heart. I am here to help you find your center, trust your intuition and remind you of all of the healing that is possible through nature.  

I am passionate about helping people accept that they are in fact human, but their wings are just under the surface and ready to fly.  That we all are sacred, and the best thing we can do for the world is be ourselves in every single moment.  Raw, imperfect and human, but with an unmistakably bright light.  

I help people in all walks of life to navigate change and to walk through grief in all its forms.  To connect to their intuition and the universe.  To think with their heart and listen to the whispers. To remember that a change in perspective can be a new window of opportunity.

I can’t wait to connect with you and see what the future holds!

Foundations of Resonant Leadership Course + Community

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership Course and Community is your home to learn…

  • how to ease the stress and pressure that comes with being a leader.
  • how to align your leadership strengths with your personal values so you can feel centered and confident.
  • how to form a community of passionate leaders to enhance your healing through support, compassion, and connection.

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership will provide you with a full transformation from feeling aimless and exhausted in your work, to being clear and energized.


This self-paced course will help shape your purpose and passion into a balanced and viable vision by combining…

  • Your well-defined values 
  • Easy prioritization practices
  • Self-care rituals
  • Leadership principles
  • An ongoing supportive community of passionate leaders

The Foundations of Resonant Leadership course is packed with spirituality-enhanced tools that you can begin incorporating immediately into your work. You will gain access to your own inner wisdom and feel completely supported by your encouraging guides. Inspiration will come from all angles of the course, filling you up with the essential energy you need to embody passionate leadership. 

You are not meant to lead alone, nor are you supposed to get all your answers from one well of information. This is why the community aspect of the Foundations of Resonant Leadership is a cherished component of the course and your continued healing and success. 

This course is rich with expert advice, community participation, plenty of dedicated space for self-reflection, and daily self-care rituals. Each module of the course infuses ritual, spirituality, self-reflection, and applicable leadership tools that will transform courage into confidence. 

I'm Ready to Transform My Leadership

“The opportunity and path for personal and professional growth through the lab is so helpful! I am more present, aligned to my goals, body and future next steps. This supportive community provides a space for sharing, learning, gentle digging and being seen for the unique person you truly are."

- Melissa Brunner | Founder, Inner Circle Training & Consulting

What kind of transformations can you expect?

As a result of this course, Resonant Leaders are experiencing...

  • Increased clarity around career goals, peace and balance between work demands and life
  • Incorporating new supportive habits into their daily routine such as meditation and mindfulness
  • Increased trust and connection to their body and intuition
  • Utilizing the tools and models taught in the lab in supervision of their own teams and organizations
  • Increased awareness of challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • Connection to kindred spirits during a time in which connection is so needed
  • Increased alignment, support and accountability

Here's how these results LEAD to transformation...

  • Self-reflection LEADS to enhanced self-awareness and self-trust
  • Increased internal strength and emotional capacity LEADS to improved wellbeing
  • Organization, prioritization, and planning LEADS to clarity
  • Assertiveness and mindfulness LEADS to calm reactions
  • Alleviated fear LEADS to rejuvenated excitement
  • Better ability to lean on others LEADS to feeling supported and not alone

What is included with the Course?

When you say yes to the Foundations of Resonant Leadership course you will gain access to the following: 

Group Coaching

Every month you will have an opportunity to bring a question or challenge to our monthly group coaching call to gain clarity and uncover solutions to your current challenges. These calls source wisdom from the collective and help you identify the first next step for moving forward.

Expert Series

At least once a quarter you will be invited to participate in a live ask-the-expert call to broaden your perspective and knowledge. Participants will be invited to share what they would like to hear from experts in the field and we will bring them to you.


Being a leader can be very lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. There is so much beauty and wisdom that is unearthed when a group of visionary, heart-centered, and purpose-driven people connect. 




You will receive lifetime access to the Foundations of Resonant Leadership Course, a series of 12 modules, to work through at your own pace on topics such as habits of a resonant leader, values-centered leadership, time management, influence and authority and much more. 

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"Working with Kori through the Resonant Leader Lab and monthly 1:1 coaching has inspired me to imagine an incredible new path forward in my professional life that not only fills my cup, but inspires me to curiosity and personal development. Thank you, Kori, for your expert support to navigate this adventure."

- Rebecca Bax | Program Manager 

Course Overview

Module 1: Welcome & Introduction

In this module we establish group agreements for our time together, discuss how to get the most out of the course and set a powerful intention as a vision for the change you are seeking as a part of this course and to anchor you to your WHY. 

Module 2: What is a Resonant Leader?

In this module, we will take a look at what a Resonant Leader means and how you can balance the feminine way of leadership with the masculine. This module includes a self-assessment that will help you see your strengths and opportunities as a Resonant Leader.

Module 3: Cyclical Planning and Ritual

This module is packed with information about the seasons and moon cycles that will help you support the different aspects of your work so that you can find more flow and less resistance. Ritual is a critical part of this course and will be introduced here as a powerful tool for harnessing focus and reverence.

Module 4: Habits of a Resonant Leader

In this module, you will explore the six habits of Resonant Leadership and begin to experiment with enhancing or  implementing new habits to support your whole being and your leadership. Small daily actions lead to big changes. 

Module 5: Crafting Your Legacy

This is one of the most powerful modules of the course. We will sink into a guided visualization and bring clarity to your dreams around relationships, work, the environment and of course how you care for yourself through it all. We'll take some time here to work with our edges, and address those internal dialogues that tend to get in the way of progress. 

Module 6: Values and Aligned Action

In this module you will identify your top five values and assess what actions you need to start, stop and continue to live in alignment. Our values serve as our guiding compass through creation, conflict, celebration and relationships. 

Module 7: Reclaiming Your Time and Scheduling Strategies

The number one comment we hear from leaders we work with is that they never have enough time for it all. This module will help you to explore where your time is going, how it aligns with your values and practical strategies for creating more peace through your calendar. 

Module 8: Influence and Authority

As a leader, you will need to access both influence and authority to effectively advocate for the changes your working towards in your community. In this module we explore the different sources of authority and pillars of influence. 

Module 9: Setting, Communicating and Enforcing Boundaries

In this module we will explore the building blocks of setting and communicating clear boundaries. You'll leave with strategies for addressing conflict when a boundary is crossed or needs to be updated. 

Module 10: Energetics of Building Trust and Safety

This module will help you understand trust at a deeper level and practical strategies that you can implement today to start fostering greater trust and safety in relationships and with groups. 

Module 11: Creating and Holding Space

As a Resonant Leader, you are also an energy worker. This module will provide some very simple techniques for harnessing the energies of a space, working with egos and clearing energy so that you don't carry around what is not yours to carry. 

Module 12: Close and Celebration

In this module we tie together everything that you have learned through this course and celebrate your wins!


Foundations of Resonant Leadership Course + Community Investment


or $50/month

Course value = $5,100

When you join the Foundations of Resonant Leadership - you will have access to:

  • 12 Self-paced Leadership Modules
  • Library of Meditations + Guided Visualizations
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Quarterly 30 min 1:1 coaching with Jen Mantle
  • Digital Course Workbook with activities and journal prompts
    (Hard copy Workbooks available for $40)
  • Daily reflection prompts and resources for deepening your practice


Join the Foundations Course and Community (Pay in Full)

Want to share the Foundations of Resonant Leadership with your team or Organization? 


Group pricing is available and comes with a self-study group guide with 52 weekly experiments to apply your learning as a team. Facilitators are also available for private group/team facilitation. 

Part ways with anxiety and stress. Let go of the fear of judgment. Learn to lead with resonance and soul.


I'm Ready to Become a Resonant Leader!