Who We Are

Resonance Rising is an empowerment-based, social-justice oriented, and collaboration-minded professional coaching and consulting organization. We meet leaders and teams at the intersection of critical thinking and spirituality.

What We Do

Resonance Rising specializes in leadership coaching, team coaching, strategic planning, culture change, and facilitating group experiences, trainings and retreats. We specialize in working with non-profits and small businesses.

Why We Do It

Leadership is sacred work. We envision a world of radically aligned leaders who have embraced a slower, more intentional and heart centered approach to their work that centers their own well being and the lived experiences of those they serve.

How We Do It

We start by unearthing the root challenge. We support, guide, and empower community organizers and leaders by honoring inner wisdom and the power of strong relationships. We infuse our work with ritual, mind/body practices and strategy.

We are committed to your growth and expansion. 

Kori Stephens, MPH, ACC

Lead Strategist, Facilitator, Coach, Akashic Records Consultant

I  am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, human rights advocate, dreamer, planner and inspired by all forms of human expression.

I belong to two amazing little boys who are growing up too quickly and who have the most wild, adventurous and creative souls. I love seeing the world through their eyes and how they have truly become my most loved and profound teachers in my life.

I am dedicated to supporting, guiding and empowering community organizers and leaders by honoring the deep wisdom that we each have within us. This commitment has shown up through my work as a birth and postpartum doula, a nonprofit leader working to build the capacity and resilience of child serving organizations and as an advocate for systems change to create a safer, freer and more equitable world.

 After 11 years serving as a strategic advisor, organizational consultant, trainer, facilitator and leadership coach in the non-profit sector, I founded Resonance Rising in October 2020, with a dream to bring something new and different to the leadership development space.

I believe leadership is sacred work. Leading people is both a responsibility and gift. It requires a deep commitment to personal growth and evolution. Resonant leadership means connecting with people at a heart level, meeting them where they are at, giving just enough guidance to support their growth and then getting out of the way so that they can thrive.

This belief is infused in all we do from coaching, strategic planning, organizational culture work and facilitating group experiences and retreats. I often envision a world of nonprofit leaders who have embraced a slower, more intentional and heart centered approach to their work that centers their own well being and the lived experiences of those they are serving.

I can’t wait for you be a part of our journey and to join our movement.

Professional Credentials – Master in Public Health (MPH) – Maternal & Child Health, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) International Coach Federation, Dragontree Life Coach, Dragontree Illuminator.

Meet Our Team of Facilitators + Collaborators

Jen Mantle

Community Facilitator + Coach

Jen is passionate about helping people accept that they are in fact human, but their wings are just under the surface and ready to fly.  That we all are sacred, and the best thing we can do for the world is be ourselves in every single moment.  Raw, imperfect and human, but with an unmistakably bright light.  She supports Resonance Rising by helping our course and community members find their center, trust their intuition and remind them of all the healing that is possible through nature. Jen is a Dragontree Illuminator, Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner.

Follow Jen's work at www.backtonaturecoaching.com

Shaundelle Darris

Collaborator + Consultant 

Shaundelle is an experienced facilitator leading cultural sensitivity training for many organizations across the nation. Through her training, webinars, and consulting, she has worked towards the dismantling of institutional and cultural inequities that exist in our mental health systems. 

Follow Shaundelle's work at www.hersiliency.org


Danielle Cotter

Writer + Collaborator

Danielle is a creative and technical writer and licensed mental health professional. She infuses these skills together to formulate knowledgeable, heart-centered, and inspiring copy for Resonance Rising’s blog, technical writing projects, and website development. 

Follow Danielle’s work at www.daniellecotter.com


Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity & Inclusion

We recognize and work to fight against the existence of oppressive systems and structures including but not limited to systemic racism, colonialism, white supremacy and the patriarchy that have been intentionally built and perpetuated to harm specific groups of people based on their identity.

Our home base is located on stolen Dakota land and support indigenous-led grassroots change movements and organizations.

We are committed to continuous learning, accepting feedback and staying informed so that we can confront my own biases and privilege in all that I do.

We will prioritize courageous conversations over comfort and will resist simple solutions to complex problems.

We will center community voices and honor lived experiences.

We will invest in BIPOC, LGBTQ+ businesses and organizations.

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