Awaken Your Soul's Blueprint

All change requires a personal level of responsibility, curiosity and willingness to see opportunities for growth and expansion. I absolutely love working with individuals and helping them weave together spirit and strategy, masculine and feminine, to bring greater peace and alignment into their being.

This includes breaking through and healing barriers that were keeping them from their true potential and witnessing their evolution. I have helped many clients find the confidence, strength and skills to design their own lives, instead of having it designed for them, and to center their well-being in the process. When we partner together, I am ALL in and am 100% committed to supporting deep, meaningful and sustainable change. 

Our unique Soul Care approach to personal growth is a beautiful mix of coaching, spiritual support through the Akashic Records, astrology and energy work.

Our work together is proven to increase confidence, self-efficacy, productivity and overall well-being. I have witnessed these transformations first hand from every single client I have worked with.

Whether you are seeking support and guidance as you cross a new threshold in your life, or you feel stuck and don’t know how to break through to what is next, or you are seeking to discover your deeper purpose here on earth, I am here for it and for you.

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"My Akashic Records session with Kori was pure gold. She was able to quickly set the space and tap into my Guides' wisdom for me, all over the phone. In our brief time together she shared so many insightful nuggets and offered thoughtful suggestions that felt very aligned.

Much of what she shared gave me goosebumps, because it was so resonant with many of the messages I've been hearing from other spiritual sources lately (including my own intuition). I spent much of the session with tears in my eyes, hand on my heart, nodding emphatically.

It will be well worth your time and resources to allow Kori to open your records and share the wisdom within them. Treat yourself to a session with Kori!"

- Katrina Dombrowsky | Co-Founder, Wise Womxn Wellness

Soul Care Packages

Not sure which one is right for you? Schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery call with me and we'll work together to get to the root of the change you would like to make and design a custom package just for you. 

Soul Mapping

This three session mini-bundle will provide you with your natal chart report and reading, a 60 minute Akashic Records healing session and a 60 minute integration call to combine the wisdom of astrology and the Akashic Records.

Energy Exchange: $444 

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Akashic Record Consultation + Healing 

During your Akashic Record session you will be connecting with your spirit guides to receive healing, ask questions and receive their guidance. These are 60 minute sessions conducted over the phone. 

Energy Exchange: $175/session

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"Working with Kori twice a month through the Akashic records and follow up integration sessions has been powerful. She has provided me an outlet for amplifying my trust in myself while also mining what needs to come to the surface - thoughts, emotions, old stories.

While working with Kori, I was in the middle of launching a new offering through my business and I felt so much calmer than previous launches. I am aligned with what I want to offer and working with Kori has helped both affirm it and help me see stronger connections to why I do the work I do. I am really trusting my inner knowing and that in turn has expanded my perspective and a deep belief that I'm on the right track.

In working with Kori, I also feel guided in re-aligning my business to better support what I'm meant to be doing. Don't overthink working with Kori, just do it. Enjoy the process and the gifts that emerge along the way. Working with Kori is empowering!"

- Michael Kithcart, High Performance Leadership Coach

"A Soul Care Session with Kori Stephens is NEXT-LEVEL personal growth evolution… and I recommend not waiting another moment to schedule with her.

Through her gifts of seeing and connecting to the web of life including divine mystical energy, the information she gets and shares through imagery and mind-body-spirit coaching is unprecedented.  

My last Soul Session with her was with her months ago, and yet certain images and phrases sustain me daily in my personal and professional life.  This includes hearing my “Council of Elders” telling me “DON’T TURN BACK… we’ve got you” in which I literally feel supported and guided in my day-to-day life…so that I can keep fulfilling my highest purpose in seeking to live out the greatest vision of my life.  I also benefited greatly from some practical direction and healing for a health concern in which I found significant relief.  

Kori has mastered the art of being a catalyst for depthful sacred work while also being able to deeply ground this into applicable ways that produce profound results for her clients." 

- Maria Shea, Counselor, Coach, Speaker

"Working with Kori has given me the opportunity to connect more with my mind, body and spirit. She holds the most beautiful and sacred space that is always safe for exploration and provides infinite wisdom and growth. Through our work together I've experienced healing through the Akashic Records, sacred circles, meditations and group sessions. The biggest results from working with her are safety, healing and support. Kori's group offerings provide connection with other like-minded people in a spiritually rich environment. I wouldn't miss any of her offerings. Every group session or 1:1 has been a chance for me to learn, grow and connect with parts of myself I lost.

- Tiffany Mattick, Coach, Speaker, Thought Leader